Thursday, February 9, 2012

Orioles Defeat Bergesen and Marlins Lose to Bonificio

In a story of teams with two dramatically different success/failure stories in baseball salary arbitration, the Orioles improved their all-time record to 12 wins and 3 losses, and the Marlins dropped to 3 wins and 7 losses. The Orioles defeated pitcher Brad Bergesen today, and the Marlins lost to Emilio Bonifacio yesterday. The Marlins 2 losses are the only two player victories of the 5 decisions to date. Mark Burstein, Robert Herzog, and Elizabeth Neumeier decided the Orioles-Bergesen case. The Marlins-Bonifacio panel was Burstein, Sylvia Skratek, and Steven Wolf. Burstein is now 1-1 in panel decision after his first two arbitration hearings. Herzog has participated in 6 panel decisions, and the teams have won 4 and lost 2. Elizabeth Neumeier’s log is now 18 team wins and 11 player wins.

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