Sunday, November 20, 2011

NBA's "one and done" rule: if lockout persists, will someone challenge rule?

Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer explores the possibility of the NBA holding a draft during an extended lockout.  The draft and particularly the "one and done" eligibility rule -- which requires that U.S. players be 19-years-old and one year removed from high school -- would be subject to antitrust challenge, as they would no longer be borne from collective bargaining.  Reed interviews Alan Milstein, Sonny Vaccaro and me on the topic.

For a great discussion on the empirical analysis of players who have jumped from high school to the NBA, see Zach Lowe's recent SI column

Related point: there is a very good chance that when the lockout is ultimately resolved, and a new CBA is in place, the eligibility rule will be raised to 20-years-old and two years removed from high school.  Whether that will motivate players to skip what would be their freshman and sophomore years in college to play professionally in Europe for a couple of years remains to be seen.

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